Marine Grade Vinyl

The use of our Marine Grade Vinyl has surpassed the longevity of any other US suppliers selling throne chairs. We have tested this vinyl with several different methods and has proven to withstand all liquid spills from absorbing and can be cleaned with almost any types of cleaners (harsh methods should be used with caution). The integrity of this vinyl is superb and can withstand lots of abuse therefore we use it in our complete line of furniture. The feedback we get from our customers are amazing and is incomparable to other thrones they have purchased in the past.

Mahogany Wood

Mahogany wood is known to be a highly durable and sustainable wood for commercial and residential use furniture. We frequently travel over seas making sure our mahogany wood is kiln dried treated with the correct chemicals. ALL OF OUR THRONE CHAIRS ARE HAND CHISELED AND PUT TOGETHER PIECE BY PIECE. IT IS NORMAL TO SEE SPLITS IN THE WOOD WHERE THE SEAMS CONNECT AND DOES NOT COMPROMISE THE DURABLILITY. WE INSPECT EACH AND EVERY ORDER TO ENSURE THAT IT IS SENT OUT IN EXCEPTIONAL CONDITION.


The painting process is done in a few complex methods to improve appearance and longevity of the finishing:

- First its primed with 3 coats of water based primer

- The paint is then applied with a spray gun to have an even shade of coloring throughout

- After its completely dried a coat of PU hardener is applied to preserve the paint and add a glossy appearance (like a shiny new car)