Marine Grade Vinyl

The quality of our chairs come a long way from many trials and errors. We have sourced our materials from various different places to finally come to find our best and most favorite vinyl that is stain resistant and will not absorb any harmful elements that may occur on your chair. The integrity of this vinyl is superb and can withstand lots of abuse. This vinyl is exclusively being used on our throne chairs and love seats. The feedback we get from people are amazing and is incomparable to other thrones they have purchased in the past. By using this vinyl on our product we have doubled and almost tripled the lifespan of the chair.

Mahogany Wood

There are many different woods out there being used on furniture, but for ever piece of furniture depending on the usage would require a certain type of wood to be used. Therefore we did our research and found out that Mahogany wood is the best wood to be used for sitting furniture. We frequently travel over seas making sure our mahogany wood is treated correctly and our chairs are being built the correct way to ensure the least amount of flaws. Of course these are hand made and with that being said no chair can ever be 100%. We also do our best and inspect each and every chair being sent out to make sure they are sent out in good condition. We strive to continue working on our quality for our brand to stand out from the rest of the crowd.


Professionally spray painted with a few coats of paint, and nicely finished off with a clear gloss protectant.