Meet the Team

We would like to introduce each one of our most prominent employees that put their heart and souls into creating an atmosphere of honesty, integrity, loyalty, and gratitude. With the guidance of our manager (Allen) he has formed a "dream team" ensuring honesty, customer service, and quality of merchandise.


The salesman, the driver, the buyer, the hustler, and the man responsible for it all. Allen is passionate to make his company to succeed and make it possible for anyone to find what their looking for.


The MVP at the throne kingdom working with Allen since the 1980s. Expertise in customer relations, sales and book keeping. Susan takes leaps and bounds for the throne kingdom and never falls short of excellence.


Sweet, charming, lovable, and darling. Mimi’s positive attitude and heartfelt personality has also been with us since the 1980s way back in the NYC souvenir shop. She commutes all the way from Pelham NY to Brooklyn by train for over 30 years. Loyalty at its best.


For over 10 years in the business Sol has superseded expectations and has brought the throne kingdom to the next level. Managing customer service and marketing has been the most integral factor of our success, and he could not have done a better job at it.


Soft spoken smart and eager to build relationships with clients. Nathan is the head of our corporate sales division and working with him shows professionalism and complete transparency.


What does craftsmanship mean to you? What does craftsmanship mean to us? It means a lot. To us, it’s not just another word; it’s an act of unparalleled creativity.
Throne kingdom based out of Brooklyn NY is your one-stop destination for custom made Throne chairs and wooden works of all forms. We are the largest importer of throne chairs in all of North America. Throne Kingdom came to life as early as the 2000’s with the aim of making timeless furniture. We carefully select all our resources and cater to upscale clients with a knack and unrelenting desire for contemporary design. We design all of our products with an ultra-focus on high back throne chairs and sofas to give your event or home that touch of royalty. 
This contemporary design has become the keyword when looking to decorate your dream party or home, and more people are looking for inspiration than ever before. Here at the Throne Kingdom, our creatives take advantage of our wealth of experience to create pieces that reflect elegance, style, and royalty in all perspectives.

At the Throne Kingdom, We revel in the dream to realize, the idealization process - with things tailored and meticulously executed under the best procedures and quality materials.


Our mission is to become a dominant leader in custom-made throne chairs and sofas for distributors and service centers around the world.
Our objective is to add value, style, and royalty to our Clients lives by providing:
• An established global supply network
• A long-term vision to supply and marketing
• Enhanced flexibility tailored towards our clients' needs


We are not just another furniture fabrication company. We are a company with the interest of our clients at heart. Here at The Throne Kingdom, Our core values are customer service, 100% customer satisfaction and integrity. We execute our core values under our ever friendly and trustworthy atmosphere built over the years. We pride in our clients' ever-growing 5 star reviews which is a real reflection of the quality we offer. Our showroom is open to the public and we encourage clients to visit at any time in the day. We offer refreshments, sweets, coffee, and tea. Our facilities also has a cafe and free parking.

Contact us today to add spice to your event or home with our timeless furniture works as we promise to be of service today as we were yesterday.