Royal Bling Shop on the Icon Of The Seas

Our latest project with the Royal Caribbean and their massive fleet, the Icon of the Seas was just as exciting as it could get!

Have you heard of one of the most anticipated ships in cruise history? Now she is here, and even better than imagined, cruisers say, so be prepare to be whisked away on a journey of opulence and grandeur unlike any other by the exclusivity in the Royal Caribbean fleet! 

Nestled within this enclave of sophistication lies an exclusive jewelry store, called Royal Bling. This is where our story has began as from dazzling rings to captivating necklaces, every piece captures the essence of your cruise experience in the most luxurious way imaginable. But on top of all the luxurious precious metals, at the heart of Royal Bling, another surprise will be welcoming all the interested buyers!

To befit a limitless shopping experience, a royal throne chair called "Noella", crafted by the Throne Kingdom, expressly for this exclusive shop, will stand as the ultimate symbol of luxury and prestige for everyone stepping in this exclusive jewelry store. It's true masterpiece of regal allure with it's royal blue velvet upholstery and delicate gold leaf trim finish, so the statement piece exudes a complete aura of sophistication. 

Shortly after this massive fleet has started it's journey, numerous cruisers and bloggers began mentioning Royal Bling and the regal blue velvet "Noella" royal seat that has proudly assumed its rightful place of royalty.

So, step aboard the Icon of the Seas and elevate your journey with the allure of Royal Bling and take a seat in the cloud-soft "Noella" throne chair on your next trip in The Celebrity Shop!

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March 07, 2024 — Eszter B

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