Colorado Unveil 'Turnover Throne' for Sideline Celebrations in 2023 created by the Throne Kingdom

"It's a chair that is sleek, smooth and, perhaps most importantly, cool. And it's just the sort of symbol that can resonate in a new locker room, especially for defenders for who the spotlight tends to evade" - Deion Sanders

Why Deion Sanders started Colorado Turnover Throne?

Colorado's Turnover Throne is a chair befitting royalty. It's as baroque as they come, specked with hints of gold all along its foundation. The seat is plump and fashionable, its surface lined with midnight black foam.

Who gets to sit on the throne this season?

The four-legged apparatus is used as follows: any player who picks off a pass or scoops up a fumble walks over to the seat, accompanied by legions of Buffs' teammates. Then, they take their seat on the throne, which sits beneath a gala of Colorado students.


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