Stunning Wedding Set up by Lissa's Designs & More!

Hard work will not just look good, but it will also pay off! 

Wedding bride and groom setup.


March 12, 2018 — Sol Kraiem



Victoria said:

I need a price for this setup


Nancy said:

How much

Michelle Fierro

Michelle Fierro said:

Hello. Can I please get a quote on how much it is to rent and also to buy this chair-the white on white also how much for white on gold? Total cost to have it shipped to Texas? Thank you!



How much is it to rent these chairs for a wedding?


Gloria said:

I need the Price for this Chair

Arelis Bonilla

Arelis Bonilla said:

Hi I need the price for thise chairs please

Daniel Wilson jr

Daniel Wilson jr said:

Can you tell me how much it will cost to rent the chairs

Manuela Garza

Manuela Garza said:

Can you give me the price in this chairs??

Maria Alvarez

Maria Alvarez said:

Hello, please can you tell me how much it the beautiful chairs. Thank you very much.


Elvia said:

I need the price and ism pick up

Tammie Potter

Tammie Potter said:

I need prices for these chairs

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